Mission Statement


GoldGate House is an international Real Estate Franchise Company. We provide spaces and equipment to produce regional perspectives of the afro existence on digital platforms. The mission of GoldGate House is powered by our goal to develop the sounds and images of the globalized Black-African; and since its inception, GoldGate House has mastered the logistics to make sure our regional client spaces are afforded the capacity to contribute and control their own narrative. Fundamentally, we secure content ownership, copyright, and trademark while our clients are provided an “at-home” production atmosphere designed to their regional culture. GoldGate House aims to provide Production Homes all over the world, where afro producers in the region will gather to tell stories and create a storyline through podcast, film, music and art. Our diverse content inspires a lifestyle represented through merchandise, events, and an international travel opportunity between our production members. 


Our focus is to create and provide access to platforms for creative and professional social groups who develop content. Our evolution begun in the Washington, DC area, where our social group created specific roles in order to create content, and manage the production.


We created, developed, filmed and directed an independent project called: The DMV Experience. The mission was to film people in the DMV, their lifestyle and production; with a focus on creatives and professionals. We secured two apartments where we interior designed and established the space to bring people in the area to collaborate and create the content. Goldgateway Studio is the first production home located in Washington DC to create podcast and talkshow content with people in the DMV. The Beleza Studio is the second production home located in Maryland to create music, Hip Hop interviews, photography and visual content with the people in the DMV.


To accomplish the mission, we put together a team of 10 individuals from the area.  The team was developed with specific roles. The roles consisted of an Executive producer, Secretary, Real Estate finance agent, Creative director, Marketing consultant, Research & data manager, Videographer, Sound engineer, Graphic designer and Creatives(s). As a team, we have worked and collaborated with over 500 people in the DMV area. We have created a variety of content series with podcast, music, film, travel and events.


A major service of ours is in the provision of equipment and/or the access to create stories with audio, video tools and digital platforms to distribute them. The Content storyline is created using many creative mediums such as music, podcast, film and art. The content storyline usually revolves around the characters who form the particular GGH social group, their lives and interactions with the region and the culture they are within.


We want to offer other social groups the blueprint we have developed from our hard work, trial and error. There is nothing more beautiful and productive than having a social group that actively creates memories, share information and develop projects together. GoldGate House wants to record it, distribute it, inspire a larger audience, and a world that constantly imitates itself.  Join GoldGate House and let’s tell our own stories our way.

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